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Program Overview

The EDOT Third Street Commercial Corridor Facade Improvement Program (Program) focus is to address the perception of blight and crime, and improve the overall appearance of the Third Street commercial Corridor within the Bayview District of San Francisco, by providing grants, including design services, to businesses and property owners, to improve their storefronts. By bettering the appearance of building storefronts, the program serves to improve the economic vitality of this Commercial Corridor.

The program will provide grants for simple improvements to the building, such as

  • Exterior painting, signage, and other minor design improvements that will:

  • Promote pedestrian-oriented design,

  • Restore and preserve historic and architectural character, and inspire improvements to neighboring buildings.


The maximum amount of a grant is $10,000, including any required design services such as drawings and all necessary permits.

Focused Area

Third Street between Evans Ave and Paul Ave, San Francisco CA 94124.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Businesses with a minimum of 1 year remaining on their Lease.

  • Property Owners who have a commercial space that has been vacant for 6 months or longer and/or who have a prospective tenant.

  • Property and applicant must be free from any judgment liens on all lease and mortgages.

  • Preference given to existing businesses.

Eligible Activities

The range of work generally includes anything related to improvement of the building exterior or visible from the street such as tile or masonry repairs and pointing; façade painting, repair, reconstruction, restoration, or replacement of historic features; awnings or canopies; signage and exterior lighting; and window and door repair.

Application and Approval Process

A business owner (“tenant”) or property owner interested in participating in the EDOT Façade Improvement Program must submit a signed and completed application, along with supporting documents, to: Economic Development on Third (EDOT), 3801 Third Street #1056, San Francisco, CA 94124. Applications will be reviewed for completeness and compliance with Eligible Activities. Applications that are incomplete may be returned for additional information. Projects that do not comply with the Eligible Activities will not be considered for funding.

Complete Applications will be reviewed by EDOT and applicant will be informed of the decision within Thirty (30) days.

EDOT Services Provided

  • Consult with and assist prospective applicant to develop a feasible project compliant with the requirements of the program.

  • Assist prospective applicant to complete an application to EDOT to participate in the program.

  • Suggest suitable design professions to the applicant in the event drawings or other design documents are necessary.

  • Assist applicant and or his contractors in securing any necessary permits.

  • Suggest suitable contractors to the applicant and assist in developing the scope of work and soliciting bids from appropriate contractors and vendors. EDOT will not be a direct party to any contract.

  • EDOT will inspect all completed for compliance with the contract documents prior to issuing funds to grantee.

  • EDOT may publicize and promote the accomplishments of each project completed. Grant Funding

  • To minimize the grantee’s cash requirements EDOT will make up to three progress payments to the grantee.

  • For each progress payment grantee shall submit all invoices to be paid, and a copy of the grantee’s payment check to the vendor/vendors.

  • EDOT will inspect the work to insure it meets the requirements of all the contract documents.

  • EDOT will issue a check to the grantee within one week of the inspection.

General Requirements

  • A licensed contractor must perform the work.

  • Business Owner and Property Owner must display sticker identifying property as having participated in the EDOT Facade Storefront Improvement Program.

  • Business Owner and Property Owner must maintain the improvements for a minimum of 3 years.

  • Business Owner and Property Owner must agree to keep property free from litter, graffiti, peeling paint, unkempt landscape and other unsightly features.




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