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Since 2012, Economic Development on Third has been pounding the pavement (literally) along Third Street 


Check out some of the ways in which we work with and for the Third Street Commercial Corridor. 



In partnership with OEWD, EDoT created a simplified Third Street Facade Program that lets property or business owners access mini grants to give their storefronts a fresh coat of paint, new signage and other improvements that keep our commercial corridor vibrant and active.



Partnering with business owners, EDoT has sponsored many events inside or outside of corridor businesses. This helps bring visibility to the businesses and also gives the corridor a sense of community activation.

Having an accurate count of the Bayview Commercial Corridor gives us a tool to measure the health of the corridor as well as track the new businesses opening or closing. This helps us to get a better sense of the economic vitality on the corridor. 

Digital Marketing 

for Local Businesses

With COVID-19 upending the way we conduct business (particularly in the retail sector), we pivoted to an online platform to give our local merchants an opportunity to continue selling while their businesses were ordered closed. EDoT is proud to have worked with the Bayview Makers to create an online digital marketplace. This platform is available to any of our Bayview/HP merchants regardless of if they have a brick and mortar location.


Art & Mural


While EDoT does not commission art, we certainly advocate for it on our corridor. Third Street has a rich history of murals, mosaics and other public art projects. We have been very active in helping to preserve and restore art for the benefit of all that visit Third Street. We believe that public art can help to maintain the cultural identity of a commercial corridor. 

Events and 



EDoT has held many events and collaborated with many community partners since our inception. From Super Bowl parties to fundraisers for our Arts and Craft communities, we believe 

hosting events and collaborating brings out the best of our community. In Bayview there is a deep sense of pride in the sharing of resources, knowledge and ideas amongst our merchants.