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Bayview Third St is a vibrant, clean, and safe commercial district with a diverse mix of businesses and cultural facilities that meet the daily and entertainment needs of the neighborhood by offering unique quality products, and opportunities to enjoy visual and performing arts.


Kristin Houk is a Bayview resident and business owner of All Good Pizza and Tato on Third Street. Kristin is the Chair of EDoT and was one of the original founding members.  She operates successful businesses that attract people from all over the Bay Area. As a founding member of EDoT, she is committed to ensuring that small businesses are supported on Third Street and that the neighborhood assets are realized by people outside of Bayview. 


Dorris Vincent has lived in the Bayview for more than 50 years where her husband owned his own printing business and they raised their family.  Ms. Vincent has and still serves on numerous Bayview Boards and participated in many community planning processes for the betterment of the community.  She is a highly respected resource for EDoT and a critical link to the history of Bayview.  She was one of the founding members of EDoT.


Michael Hamman is a long time Bayview resident, property and business owner. Michael’s commitment to Bayview spans the last few decades where he has served on numerous Boards and Commissions and has been instrumental in advising on the development of various community plans.  He currently serves as the Chair of the Bayview Hunter’s Point Citizen Advisory Committee.  Michael is the Treasurer of EDoT and was one of the founding members of EDoT.


April Spears is a longtime Bayview resident and business owner of Auntie April’s restaurant on Third Street.  She is a staunch supporter of the small businesses in the community and joined EDoT to ensure that the Third Street corridor continues to support existing businesses and attracts more African American businesses to the corridor.  April is also a founding member of Merchants of Butchertown.


Barbara Gratta is a Bayview resident and business owner.  She has owns Gratta Wines with a storefront on Third Street to sell and taste her wines.  Barbara is the current Vice Chair for EDoT.  She joined EDoT to encourage inclusive opportunities for the existing merchants as well as new small businesses coming to the Bayview community.  Barbara is also a founding member of the Merchants of Butchertown.


Lawanda Dickerson is a new business owner on the Third Street corridor called U3Fit. Lawanda is a certified personal trainer, weight loss specialist, health and fitness coach  and instructor at the Bayview YMCA


Mark Klaiman located his Pet Camp business in the Bayview almost 20 years ago.  He built a successful business around providing exceptional, individualized, fun, and loving care to cherished pets.  Mark is committed to having Pet Camp remain family owned and operated, and to being an active member of San Francisco’s small business community.  


Earl Shaddix has over twenty-five years of successful management in Marketing, Training, Sales, Business Management, Economic Development and Community Building. Earl Shaddix is the Executive Director of the Economic Development on Third (EDoT). He participated in the formation of EDoT including recruiting Board of Directors to ensure diverse representation of small businesses, property owners and resident leaders. In 2016, Earl was selected as the Economic Development Director and transitioned to the ED when EDoT secured its 501(c)3 status. Earl is also the co-founder of the Bayview Underground Food Scene which highlights the many talents of the Bayview culinary scene.



The vision for the Bayview neighborhood:  

  • Clean and safe with places to gather and congregate including public or open space;

  • Welcoming to diverse populations and reflects a mix of businesses that offer goods and services that meet the needs of the residents of the neighborhood;

  • Promotes visual and performing arts and culture;

  • Vibrant and viable neighborhood commercial district with flourishing small businesses and a community-friendly atmosphere

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